Android Pie - here are the best new features

Android Pie - here are the best new features
Android Pie - here are the best new features 

Google has discreetly propelled the following variant of its working framework formally known as Android 9 Pie. Following a very long time of beta testing, the new form plans to accelerate and streamline telephones and offering a few new highlights.

The phones of the third party that are as of now on the Android Pie beta will be a top priority. These include The OnePlus 6, The Sony Xperia XZ2, The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, The Nokia 7 Plus, The Oppo R15 Pro and The Vivo X21. If you have one of the above handsets at that point you're probably going to get Android Pie before autumn. Else, you will need to sit tight for the manufacturer of your gadget to declare it is revealing the refresh.

Android Pie new features

 Android Pie bundles a slew of much-requested new features. Highlights include more refined notifications, indoor positioning for Google Maps – thanks to supporting for a new Wi-Fi protocol known as Wi-Fi RTT – and an editor that lets you doodle on screenshots as soon as they’re taken.

 Android Pie the most prominent expansion, in any case, is support for gadgets that element an indent at the highest point of the screen. The intent is frequently used to house crucial parts, for example, the forward-looking camera. The usefulness is supposed to be an initial move towards presenting support for gadgets with foldable screens (think: Galaxy X).

Android Pie offers to bolster for the most recent edge-to-edge screens with a cut-out for the camera and speaker," clarifies Google in an article declaring the Preview on the Android Developer Blog. "The new DisplayCutout class gives you a chance to discover the area and state of the non-practical territories where content shouldn't be shown."

 Android Pie the firm at that point went ahead to include that the main Developer Preview additionally presented a Multi-Camera API, which gifts designers access to camera setups with in excess of one sensor. The thought here is to give designers the apparatuses they have to make applications that concede clients more prominent control over their photos.

You would now be able to get to streams at the same time from at least two physical cameras on gadgets running Android Pie. On gadgets with either double front or double back cameras, you can make imaginative highlights that aren't conceivable with only a solitary camera, for example, consistent zoom, Bokeh, and stereo vision.

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