What is Virtual Id | How to get Virtual Id online

What is Virtual Id and How to get Virtual Id online - Here you can know the meaning of virtual Id and how to generate Virtual Id online?

What is Virtual Id | How to get Virtual Id online 

Here Friends, After criticism about  Security of Aadhar System, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) introduced a new way to more secure Aadhar Data.  The new security system for Aadhar is "Virtual Id". Let's know What is Virtual Id and how to get and What is its work.

What is Virtual Id 

"Virtual Id" an alternative to Aadhar, it is mapped to your Aadhar number by 16 Digit random number. It can be generated from the Official Website of UIDAI and can provide this 16 digit number to anywhere your instead of Aadhar no required. it is one type of security mast over Aadhar no.

Works of Virtual Id 

Virtual Id (VID) can use different places instead of Aadhar no. You can provide Virtual Id's 16 digit number anywhere instead of Aadhar's 12 digit number. VID needs to buy a new Sim, to open a new Bank Account, at Income Tax Dept., in Insurance Sector ie.,.

How to get Virtual Id 

 You can generate Virtual Id (VID) fro the official Website www.uidai.gov.in.
1. First, you type on google search bar www.uidai.gov.in and click.

2. Then you can find " Virtual Id (VID) Generator " and click.

3. After in next page you enter 12 digits Aadhar No and Security Code and click on "Send OTP".

4. An OTP will come to your registered mobile which has been registered in your Aadhar. 

5. After entering the OTP what you received.  16 digits no VID will be sent to your registered mobile.

After getting VID 16 digit no you can use it anywhere instead of your Aadhar No and it can be changed when you want at any time. It is the best step of Government to secure your aadhar date to misleading or misuse from unknown.

Official website Link;    www.uidai.gov.in

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