8 Reasons Your Facebook Account may be Suspended/Blocked

8 Reasons Your Facebook Account may be  Blocked

8 Reasons Your Facebook Account may be Suspended/Blocked

Friends, I don't want to explain about Facebook because all of you know that Facebook is a Social Media Network and have some policies regarding use of Facebook.  Some of us do some mistakes, that is the reason for blocked or suspended our Facebook Account.

Facebook is nowadays very essential things for everyone and I think most of the person has a facebook account and use it regularly. If you use it regularly and want to run smoothly without suspended or blocked, you should avoid below mentioned reasons.     

Let’s know, what are these 5 Reasons what we are doing at the time use of Facebook:

1.   Fack Name – The first reason is a Fake name, this the main reason to suspend the facebook account. You always use your actual name and if you want to give some other name, you should be listed it as an alias.

2.   Offensive Post or Pictures- If you are posting any offensive posts or pictures which may violate Facebook policy, guidelines or harmful to someone else, then your account is under danger zone. To avoid account be suspended, you do not post any type of offensive post.

3.   More than one Account- Many people have two or more than one accounts. Facebook may delete these duplicate accounts at any time, so be careful.

4.   Copyrighted Contents – Don’t post any type of copyrighted content or materials such as Movie. You should post your own videos or photos which are created by you only, not by another person because another person may claim for it. You should avoid posting copyrighted contents.

5.   Doubtful Payment Information- Paying for  Facebook to promote or advertisement with the credit card having a different name instead of your Facebook name may get your account suspended or blocked.

6.    Sending too many friends request- If you are sending too many friends to request daily limits your account may be disabled or blocked, you may also get the warning message because according to Facebook there is a limit for sending friends to request daily. You should send friends to a known person. if you send to an unknown person and he reported the same, I think your facebook is in danger.

7.   Repeatedly using the wrong password- Your Facebook account may be blocked by using the wrong password repeatedly. To avoid you should keep your password in writing or remember it or link your mobile no to your account to reset your password easily.

8.   Joining too many Groups- Joining too many groups also may be blocked from your account, there are some limits to join facebook groups.

These are the 8 reasons your Facebook account may be suspended/blocked, if you avoid above-mentioned mistakes your facebook account is safe.

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